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love me tomorrow


ପ(๑•ᴗ•๑)ଓ ♡

by yume#0001


contact @ discord.gg/farfromhome

  • no gamerips or TDA on this avatar
  • 3.0 Avatar
  • clean package for easy setup and upload
  • WD off
  • this model is copyrighted and protected
  • you need to use a program like WinRAR or 7ZIP to extract the files

Toggles & Adjustments

  • Clothing Toggles: Hoodie, Shorts, Long Pants, Shoes, Hairbow, Bucket Hat, Glasses/Blindfold, Facemask
  • Extra Toggles: Cat/Demon Set, DisLocomotion
  • Adjustable Features: Glasses Position all the way up to the head, Hue Shift for all colored parts, Ponytail Size, Hair Materials, Body Materials, Gold/Silver Swap, Demon Set Materials, Clothing Alternatives
  • NSFW Features: Futa, Drool Tongue, Dynamic Penetration System Version ( You will need to buy poiyomi pro & DPS for this to work.) https://gumroad.com/l/lwthuB & https://www.patreon.com/poiyomi/posts (Boobs, Futa, Coochie, Mouth, Left and Right Hand)

    menus and icons


  • full custom facial gestures
  • toggleable emotes
  • dynamic bones & colliders, including thigh dynamics
  • custom icons
  • full-body and dance ready
  • custom idle, sitpose
  • locomotion fix & dislocmotion toggle
  • optimized version to green included for you to attend fun events with!

    in game

Terms of Use

1) No trading, pricesplitting, leaking. You are not allowed to let someone else edit this avatar for you besides myself (yume#0001).

2) No making public or uploading to another person or secondary account.

3) Do not use my avatars for malicious content.

4) If used for monetized content you need to give me credit. On twitch specifically this needs to be permanently included in your panels. If you are asked for credit, you need to provide it.

5) Do not asset mine my models, you are not allowed to use any of my edited material or base material, refer to the existing credits and buy from the creators.

6) You are allowed to use the model in other VR Games and Programs as long as the files stay only accessible to you and noone else.

7) Sales of this model are final as this is an online, 3D-Product and is therefore non-refundable once purchased.

8) If you do not provide accurate information at checkout (accurate discord name WITH tag) you will get banned from purchasing from my shop and loose personal and commercial license for assets.

By using this package you agree to these terms and failure to adhere to the terms of service may result in fines and legal action. This model is protected under ProtectMyWork. This model was created as and only art. Any misuse of this model is not my responsibility.


☾ Base Body Texture: Uni#1369

☾ Base, Futa: Pandaabear#9973 (yume edit of both, do not reuse)

☾ Face, Base Hair Texture: kri#1214 (yume edit of face texture, do not reuse)

☾ Tattoos: luni#0690

☾ Marker: VRLabs

☾ Rings: Rommi#0307

☾ Hoodie: Flexuh#0001

☾ Locomotion Fix: WetCat#6969, Gireison#0001,Alc#0002, Dj Lukis.LT#4639

☾ Icons: Awmi#6003 & yume#0001

☾ Bucket Hat: KC#5344

☾ Leash: Fooly#2329

☾ Long Pants, Shorts, Back Ponytail Hair, Vans: Darcy#0005

☾ Blindfold: PIPOPIPOPI#1923
☾ Front Hair: Google#9749

☾ Necklaces: Soap#1311

☾ Glasses: Hayweee#1999

☾ Demon Set, Bellybutton and Nipple Piercings: Miriaaam#7537

☾ Arm Harness: Nave#1810 (Nitro Reward)

☾ Cat Tail: Cupcake#6666

☾ Cat Ears: rykiel#0094

☾ Lip Piercings: Ante#5652

☾ Septum Piercing: noid#0001

☾ Mask: Nepnewp#4664

☾ Tats Base Texture: Sugs#9795

☾ Nails: Gashina#1960

☾ Demon Set Wings: Zevvy#0021 & No Fox Given#7901

☾ Hairbow: Aeronia

☾ Eye Texture: WetCat#6969

Showcase made by Tachiku#4671

Showcase modelled by Tayto#5183

Render by lestery#5552

Thank you ₍ᐢ•ﻌ•ᐢ₎*・゚。 ♡

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